Photo to Canvas Options Explained:


Step 1: Verify Ownership and Upload Your Image

Step 1 Verify Image Ownership Box   Click the check box to confirm that you are the owner or that you have permission from the copyright owner to make a photo to canvas reproduction. We cannot reproduce copyright protected images without the copyright owner’s permission. When you click the checkbox you acknowledge that you are the owner or you have received a release/authorization from the copyright owner to make a photo to canvas reproduction.

Image Quality/File Format:

  1. We accept most image file formats. If you get an error when you try to upload your images; please try another browser or use our contact form to send us a message.
  2. When you upload your image, our software will choose the best size canvas for your image. You are free to choose any other size that you like.
  3. The minimum image size should be no less than 700kb. The optimal size would be 2mb or higher. Low quality images will become pixilated when enlarged and will not look good on canvas.
  4. We will contact you if we have an issue with your image quality.

How to upload your image:

  1. Read the copyright statement and click on the check box only if you agree to the statement.
  2. Click on the "Upload Your Image" button.
  3. Locate your image on your computer, click on it and then click ok.
  4. Your image will show up above the couch in a few seconds.
  5. Please go to Step 2.


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Step 2: Choose Layout

Step 2 Options   You can now choose how many panels you would like to split your image into. For exmple: if you choose the 3 panel 36 x 24 canvas option, we will split your image and canvas into 3 panels that are each 12 x 24 in size. The 3 panels will add up to 36 x 24. We will be adding more panel options in the near future.

1 Panel


2 Panel's

One panel photo to canvas layout


Two panel photo to canvas layout

This is our standard 1 panel canvas..   Your image will be split into 2 panels of equal sizes. For example: If you order the 20 x 24 canvas size, we will split your image into 2 - 10 x 24 panels.

3 Panel's


4 Panel's

Three panel photo to canvas layout


Four panel photo to canvas layout

Your image will be split into 3 panels of equal sizes. For example: If you order the 36 x 24 canvas size we will split your image into 3 - 12 x 24 panels.   Your image will be split into 4 panels of equal sizes. For example: If you order the 32 x 40 canvas size we will split your image into 4 - 16 x 20 panels.


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Step 3: Image Orientation

Step 3 Options   In step 3 you will choose your image orientation (Portrait, Landscape, Square or Panoramic). Most cameras can only produce images in one aspect ratio. Therefore you will need to crop your image to fit different image orientations. For example: SLR cameras have an aspect ratio of 2:3. That means that the height of the cameras image is 2/3s of the width. So the size options you would choose would be as follows: 8 x 12, 10 x 15, 12 x 18 14 x 21, 16 x 24, 18 x 27, 20 x 30. You can choose any other nonstandard size canvas but unfortunately certain parts of your image will be removed from the canvas. You can click on the canvas above the couch and move your image around to see what it will look like at different sizes.
Portrait image orientation Landscape image orientation Square image orientation Panoramic image orientation






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Step 4: Size Options

Step 4 Choose Size Box   In step 4 you will pick the finished size of your canvas. The finished size is what you see when you look at your canvas from the front. If you don’t see your size in the standard size table, use the custom size boxes below to pick your size. You can also use the rotate button above the canvas to rotate your image 90 degrees any direction. You can also click on the canvas to move your image around to fit that specific size.


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Step 5: Framed or Rolled Canvas

Step 5 Options  

All of our frames are custom made to order


In step 5 you will choose either the framed canvas option or the rolled canvas option. All of our stretched canvas prints come with a 1.5” frame depth. The rolled canvas option is for those of you who plan on stretching your own canvas.


1.5" Frame Depth


Un-Stretched, Rolled Canvas Prints

1.5 inch frame depth option   Un stretched photo canvas option
All of our stretched canvas prints come in a 1.5" frame depth.   We offer rolled canvas for those of you that plan on stretching your own canvas.We use the 1.5” frame depth for the rolled canvas option.


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Step 6: Image Effect Options

Step 6 Options  

In step 6 you can choose an optional image effect. We currently offer 4 different image effect options. We will adding more in the near future. You can see some good examples of what the different image effects look like below. We custom edit all images effects by hand in our photo editing software once you complete your order. Our order page shows you a good example of what you image will look like with the effect that you choose but it doesn’t give you the real look.


Original Image with no Image Effect

Vintage Red Yellow Image Effect

HDR Image Effect

Original image with no image effects Vintage Red Yellow Image Effect HDR Image Effect

Custom Image Effect

Black & White Image Effect


Custom image effect Black and white image effect  


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Step 7: Canvas Border Options

Step 7 Options   In step 7 you will choose your border wrap option. This is the part that you will see on the sides of your canvas. We have four standard image effects and an unlimited number of color options. You can click on the custom color box and choose any color you like.

Image Wrap

Soft Image Wrap

White Wrap

Gallery wrap Soft Gallery Wrap White Wrap

Reflection Wrap

Soft Reflection Wrap

Custom Color Wrap

Reflection wrap Soft reflection wrap Custom color wrap


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Step 8: Image Finish

Step 8 Options

Matte Finish:

Provides a glare-free finish. If your canvas will be mounted where there is a lot of sunlight, this is the option for you.

Satin Finish:

This is our standard finish. It's only about 30% glossy. Some people also call it semi-gloss.

Gloss Finish:

The gloss finish brings out the colors of your canvas. This really makes your canvas stand out. We don't recommend this finish if it will be mounted in an area with a lot of direct sunlight.

No Finish:

This option is only available for those of you who order a rolled canvas (Unstretched Canvas).


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Step 9: Hanging Options

Step 9 Options   In step 9 you will choose your hanging options. Our standard option is the traditional wire hanger. The wire hanger lets your canvas lay flush against the wall. We also offer saw tooth hangers. The saw tooth hangers bring out the top of your canvas so it won’t lay flush against the wall.

Sawtooth Hanger


Wire Hanger

Sawtooth hanger   Wire hanger
The saw tooth hanger is optional.   This is your best option for hanging your canvas flush to the wall.


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Step 10: Image Editing Options

Step 10 Options  
None: We will print your canvas without any editing done by us.
Basic: We can remove red-eye, date stamps and any other minor discrepancies. Please explain exactly what you would like us to fix on your image.


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Step 11: Quantity

Step 11 Options  
  1. Choose the quantity of canvas you would like to purchase.
  2. Make sure all of your settings are correct.
  3. Click add to cart; you will be taken to our checkout page.
  4. Enter your information then click the checkout button.
  5. Your order is now complete.
  6. *Click here for the current estimated processing time and shipping details.

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